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Oba of Lagos, Akiolu Under Fire Over Claims Protesters Stole $2m From His Palace

Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu is under fire over his comment on Wednesday that hoodlums who invaded his palace during the #EndSARS protest stole his $2 million and N17 million.

Akiolu, who spoke at the Glover Hall Memorial Commissioning, Lagos on Wednesday, lamented the devastation inflicted on Lagos by the protesters, including his palace.

“Those who did the Iga Iduganran, I can now say it publicly that they stole from my palace two million dollars cash and N17 million, I am now saying it publicly.

“I am not a wealthy man, but I am a contented person and Insha Allahu, I will continue to be rich,” Akiolu disclosed.

“Those who committed the offence would not have done that if they knew the implication. But as a father, I won’t place any curse on them,” he added.

Akiolu’s comment has elicited a backlash on social media, with Nigerians asking how he got such a huge money that he kept in his palace.

According to J. Osaghae, who commented on the story, “Oba Rilwan Akiolu, can you tell Nigerians where you got $2 million and 17 million naira? You are shameless to come out with this type of story. You are not a clean man. Your curse cannot work on those who took the money.

“You cursed before but it did not work. You gave them ultimatum to return what where taking away from your palace that you turned into bank, but it did not work.  The wrath of God will fall on all of you.”

As for Suraj Adejumo, “This King is shameless and callous. Two millions dollar!”

Sunny Lulu, who reacted to the story said: “In my opinion, although it is sad to note that the Oba lost such a huge amount of money supposedly to those who vandalized his palace (they are not the #Endsars protesters, but the hoodlums sponsored by failed politicians), it’s very difficult to sympathize with the monarch because keeping such amount of money at home could be hazardous, e.g fire incidents.”

“You should be arrested by the EFCC,so you can explain where you got the money from. Even banks in America wouldn’t keep that amount of money in their vaults,” Mashood, who commented on the story said.

According to Ade Badejo, “Oga that one na voice mail. You get that kind amount, subjects living around you can’t even feel it. Where’s your humanity? You wan carry the money go heaven? At that age?”

@OlakunleOlabo10 The poeple that went to Oba’s palace were not endsars protesters they were people that are not happy with the Oba. More so two million dollars stashed in his palace?

@bdlhackym @officialEFCC can you read the head line again pls Such amount in the Palace of a king… A king ooo not BUSINESS man ooo If only @officialEFCC can follow up this story. I’m not sure you @officialEFCC will relate with this tweet .

@UNCLE_AJALA The Oba of Lagos says that $2 million and N17million were stolen when hoodlums attacked his palace during the last #EndSARS protest. He should be telling EFCC what he was doing with that amount & how he got the $2m after this revelation, but this is Nigeria, even bandits dey ball
9:00 PM · Mar 3, 2021

@Tee_Classiquem1 EFCC should probe and arrest Oba of Lagos, which work is he doing that he’s having millions of dollars at home?

@ComWale For you to be this rich and still attracts public condemation and protesters attack exposed Akiolu as ” olówó tí kóni iyì, ahun loni”. Many criticize the Ọba for not being stingy alone but also greedy and wicked. The residents of Isale Eko will tell you more.

@ukwubileilejein If justice is what this country is known for, then, this man must be arrested and charged for money laundry.

@drealaijaa What exactly do you do to have this much money in your palace? Have you heard of banks?

@TayoAkinleye3 Where did he get the money and why did u have keep that huge amount of money in the house in this era of cashless economy?

@phelade7 He too wants to cash out. He overinflated the money taken from the palace knowing fully well Lagos state government will compensate him or refund him. At the end of the day it is the citizens that will end up paying this fictitious money. Shoni CC😕😕

@DominicFavour14 Wetin dis old baba dey talk now so you want make we use the little one wey we wan use drink pure water come give you abi, you better go where you sleep go collect your mate see him face 😔 like Nna anyi baba

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